A bold & dynamic first in so many ways


The easiest way to explain Buttermilk is as a permanent Field days 365 days a year, located in Putaruru, central Waikato.

The focus of Buttermilk is to provide a home for the vast range of business groups that service the rural sector, in one form or another, be that a trolley full of groceries, some new clobber for Saturday night, a feed-out wagon, a new ute, a tractor service or a day course for the farm cadet.  Buttermilk will be home for all these diverse yet comprehensive group of providers, and many more.

BUTTERMILK is a destination. It will provide for all the family in one stop. The added feature will be the entertainment of tourists, both local and beyond, with the ‘History of NZ Farming’. New Zealand is a world leader in dairy technology and as such it is vital that our story, past, present and future, is told in a dynamic and interesting way. The New Zealand farming ‘hall of fame’ featuring the farming greats. Bowen, Ballance, Gallagher, Mac Loughlin, to name a few.

The new owners have a vision to help recreate at least 230 jobs back onto the site over the next few years and for Buttermilk to become an iconic tourist and economic driver for the region.